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Okay idk if you guys have heard about this yet so I’m going to inform you about what’s going on because it’s really serious and I think everyone needs to know about this. So basically there are some sick fucking people now who have started taping and gluing razor blades around children’s parks (and on the handles of gas pumps) and placing them strategically so children get hurt. They tape them to the handles of monkey bars (so the children’s hands get sliced open), they tape them inside of slides (i think you can imagine what will happen there) and just everywhere around the playgrounds with a sick intention of hurting young kids. I know this has literally nothing to do with my blog but I take my younger cousin to the park almost every day in the summer, and I can’t imagine what I’d do if he went down a slide rigged with razor blades. So pleaspleaseplease reblog this, I think people need to see it so they can be more careful, I don’t want little kids possibly seriously hurting themselves.

I just unearthed an unpleasant memory. I had a 3d design professor in college who rambled on about dumb things that has nothing to do with art. He would show up to class late and dismiss class early. This was a Friday class, mind you, do for most students this was the only class for the day. I started keeping tally of the phrases he would day most often just to endure all the time he was wasting.
Now I know a lot of artists are eccentric, but this guy was impossible.

RIP Hot Glue Gun

It was sudden and unexpected, the passing of the family glue gun. At a little past midnight, February 22nd, it’s long and fruitful life was tragically ended by an electric shortage no one could have seen coming. We should thank the stars that the person using it during that terrible incident wasn’t close enough to get burned by the two popping sparkes it emited upon it’s decent from this world. It’s also fortunate nothing caught on fire.
It was probably the best glue gun the family had. It’s brother “That Blue One,” was labled a multi temp, but takes forever to heat up. It’s cousin, “The Scary One,” did more burning than melting, although the amber glue it produced is very lovely.
Let’s remember the good times of our dearly departed glue gun. Every parade of lights since 2002. 3 or 4 cosplay prop projects a year since 2008. Random house repairs. Ah, those days will be missed.
We will miss you, hot glue gun. Thank you for not catching my room on fire.

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